Tuesday, 2 September 2014

breathing #16 [#YouCanLearnAnything]

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My dear dreamers,

This is a campaign by the Khan Academy, inspiring us - again - to be the best we can want. There are no limits to what we can learn, I believe in that {read this amazing article, by Sal Khan - Khan Academy's founder}. I also believe that, no matter how your grades at school are/were, it doesn't mean you aren't smart enough or capable to achieve a certain (level of) knowledge.

This has more to do with the way we learn than to what we learn. Everyone has different interests and ways to memorize information. The difficult part is to realize how we personally do it.

I've started learning Chinese a couple of years ago. Some say is the most difficult language in the world, but once you know how it works and what are the best tools and time for you to learn, it becomes incredibly easy. I still make a lot of mistakes and did not achieve the level I wanted yet (put lack of effort here), but that's what learning means. I don't force it so I don't drop it.

We often judge people by their grades, or how fast or slow they learn or even for how many mistakes they make in a certain period of time. We tell them they're smart or dumb according to that. Well, that's stupid. Yes, ironic.

I don't believe in smart, or dumb, people. I believe that some of us use our brain and others don't. Some of us seek challenges, while others hide on their comfort zone. That's what makes the difference.

 (...) by struggling, your brain grows. 

It seems common sense, but the truth is we always punish people when they do something wrong, even when they made the effort to do it right. This kind of behaviour only has one reaction: it keep us from trying again, and hence learn, because we're afraid to fail again, to feel dumb again and to disappoint others, once again.

So remember, you can learn anything if you try hard enough.


|| All images and videos are credit of  Khan Academy.

Monday, 23 December 2013

arsenic ratio

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Recently, I was aware that, in England, there is a model agency for ugly people. Or, as others say: for people who doesn't fit in the actual beauty standards. Say that again?

Ok, there are beauty standards. Ok, there are people who doesn't make part of it. Ok, those people should have the same opportunities. But are they ugly?

Because what they are saying is that beautiful people need to be: white, tall, thin. At least. If you don't suit this description, sorry you're ugly. And that makes almost all of us.

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Aesthetics is a very biased subject, it depends on culture, environment and...taste. The globalisation phenomenon had an important role on our sense of beauty. And instead of bringing us together, it is torning us apart. Now, instead of a myriad of beauty archetypes we have only one, no matter the place you live, or your traditions. Or even your values. Well, unless you live somewhere without any kind of media. But if you were, you wouldn't be reading this.

Being different is unpleasant, it is uncomfortable and it's...ugly. Don't you dare hurt other people's eyes with your unique look (or personality for that matter)!

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My perception of beauty isn't perfection, it is disharmony. Those details that don't quite belong there. Perfection bores me, it tires my eyes. It makes me... itchy.

Beauty is made by comparison, you versus me. By genetics: I'm part of this group and you deserve to make part of it as well. If you are made of gold, you'll belong to the stars. Any other metal and you'll see the dark side of the world.

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{What's your side of beauty?}

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

[here and there #14] closed worlds

At this time you already know how I feel about labels. And for me, feminism is a label like any other. Yes, feminism, that F-word that makes people either scared, roll her eyes, fight or just run away from it.

Nowadays there's no point being one. Well, at least, on developed countries. No, developed isn't the right expression. In a world where women are educated enough to know their value, feminism has no place. Because we see ourselves as equal to men. But wait, do men see women as equal? And do we really behave like equals? Don't we still give different toys to boy and girls? Don't we have different responsabilities at our homes, jobs and social lives?

Now, I'm not so sure where I stand. Yes, we need to embrace our differences, because there are differences. But yes, we also need to find our place here. We still live in a men's world. Being a woman doesn't mean to be weak or soft or caring. Being a man doesn't mean to be strong, careless, or cold-hearted. Every human needs affection.

I also see many VIP people saying they aren't feminists, but humanists. It's like they're afraid of the word, or the negativity implied (which one, I ignore). However, that's changing one label to another, where the price is the same. It only changes the colour.

The thing is, and I repeat: I don't like labels, I believe that it promotes some kind of war of genders but I know we must do something about how women are portrayed, viewed (and how they see themselves), behaved and how society reacts to them. Again, is not the word used, is not how it was branded, and it's not our actions in behalf of it. It is our own close-minded views, what we consider normal and our unconscious life.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

here and there #13 [under the pink or the cornflake girl]

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Looking at the universe and I see everything and anything at all. I see all the lives, all those deaths. All those inevitable deaths. The hundred ones that are happening right now. The million ones that already did. And the infinite ones that are still yet to come.

And I'm watching all these babies that are born and the ones that are still only a dream. And I see all these dreams, this willing of making it happen. This sense that life needs to have a meaning and people always searching for it.

And I see it as music, a never-ending song talking about tragedies and fairy-tales, and crimes, and brokenness and solitude, and companionship and love, and hope, and happiness and everything in between.

And I am so sure: it will be written on the stars. All these beautiful, somewhat bitter-sweet stories. These stories I'd like to learn and live and feel and pass on along.

Taking part of this uniqueness...do you imagine how lucky you are? The universe gave you the lottery ticket for you to spend it just the way it pleases you. You're among the elite. Everyone is like you. You're like everyone else. And yet, we're snowflakes.

The universe, we'll never leave it. I wonder where I'll be. In a flower. In someone's heart? Pure sunlight. The breath of the wind. The shadow of the moon. In a smile...

My wonderlife will be about enjoying all these little moments. Good. Bad. Not so good and not so bad. And make of them the best they'll possibly be.

My song has to end someday, I want it to be beautiful, to make people cry and laugh at the same time, to inspire them and bring something good to their hearts. Something they can pass along as well.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

the C to your G

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This one is about chances. But also certainties. This one is for tears of joy - that kind of happiness you can feel; but hard to share with anyone else. Even with your other side of the moon.

This one is about epiphanies. Eurekas. Peripeteia? Rareness and moments. Knowing it because you're feeling it. Definitely about strikes. But not pain. Certainly not death (being it our darkest certainty, it should be about death). It's about contradictions. Seeing your dreams a feet away, running towards them and still be fearful about how will you cross the line. You aren't sure how to give the next step. Damn, you don't even know where your foot is! But you know that step will be taken.

You also know everything will be just fine (that scares you). You used to believe it, trying to convince yourself. But now you KNOW. And no one, I mean no one (including yourself), can take that from you.

Today is about mixed feelings. And trying to take some logic out of it. Seems stupid. Feels stupid. (I'm an emotional being, no space for reason...) Today is about letting go and embrace whatever appears. Not so much of courage, but neither fear. Today is about intertwining body, mind and heart into my life. Believing and knowing and feeling like all of them were the same thing. Because they are, right now.

Today is about loving, like you had never loved before.Reality in one pixel only. That kind of love. About repetitions. Words. Repeated words. Loop images. Looping thoughts. Written words. Re-read words. Ideas going around and around the same boxy brain. Meeting the same neurons over and over without being totally uncreative.

Today is about living and knowing your life is perfect, that I'm perfect (in this seductive, imperfect, make-it-better way).

Today...I would not change a thing.

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