Friday, 30 December 2011

inner-view #7 [the world in a pencil]


I've been away for one whole week without warning. Sorry for that. But I've some news, just wait for the new year and I'll tell you.

From one inner-view to another, today I present you Canerator: a pencil artist from Turkey. Let's see what he has to tell us:

mavi kapak by ~canerator on deviantART

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What was your biggest conquest? Which dreams do you want to become true?

In my graduation ceremony, one of my short animation movie showed. I watched people while they are watching my movie. They were all enjoying and that was great for me. This was a nice conquest that I can remember now. My dream is earning money whith all these funny things.  

RANT-ART-ICA by ~canerator on deviantART

2. How did you start drawing? It was something that was born with you?
Yes it is about borning. My dad and mom good at drawing too. When I was a little child I was drawing my first arts to the home’s walls. Than my parents bought a drawing notebook to me. Than my journey started. 

Deleted image by ~canerator on deviantART

3. You do collaborations with other artists, like picking a song and start drawing without knowing each other’s works. What do you think about that work’s process? Do you think that’s a good away to get creative?

That’s a good way for having good time with friends. Getting creative hasn’t got a way like this. Having a creative idea likes having an accident. It comes suddenly and you do it. Working more and more makes the art more effective but not more creative. 

life is life by ~canerator on deviantART

4. In your opinion, there’s any limitation to creativity? Name a few.

There is only one limitation for that. “Dreams”. If you aren’t a good dreamer it is difficult to make good art. Dreaming must start in small ages than the dreamer always lives as a child. 

creation of fire by ~canerator on deviantART

5. If your creative works had an odour, what do you think they would smell like?

I use everything in my arts. There are some works which has rubbishes or shit in them too. I don’t want to think how would these works smell. But they are exceptions. I usually like to use nature. Especially sea and rain. Our body full with water maybe this is the cause I don’t know, but using water feels more affective to me. Did you smell the earth after the rain? My works would smell like this. 

Moon Rise In Station by ~canerator on deviantART

6. Where does your inspiration come from?

From other arts. The biggest art is the space that we live in. All the nature is an art. Sometimes a cloud, sometimes the sea, or a song that I liked can make me inspired. 

Baloon trip by ~canerator on deviantART

7. Did you ever have trouble in drawing perfectly something you’ve imagined? What did you do to overcome that?

When I was a little child I was trying to draw my favourite cartoon characters. There were a lot because I was living with TV. When I couldn’t draw I was starting to cry than my mother was helping me. But now I grow up, she is older and away from me. I can not feel the same things now. I dream and I draw only the things that I can do. Being older makes the dreams smaller. 

Johnny Depp by ~canerator on deviantART

8. How do you deal with creativity blocks?

Attacking is the best way for deffending. The blocks make me more ambitious. But if I can not find any way for attacking some breaks would help me. 

sold sentences by ~canerator on deviantART

9. Are you more creative when you’re happy or when you’re angry?

Being happy or exciting helps me for creating. I like to make people happy with my art. It is one of the biggest fun in life. Being angry can help m efor fighting maybe J. 

h1n1- vulture's day by ~canerator on deviantART

10. How do you want to be remembered?

As how I am. Not more or less than me. I can’t be objective for explaining myself, but now you can see and you will remember something about me, as how I am.

Friday, 23 December 2011

inner-view #6 [one with nature]


We're almost, almost on Christmas and my gift for you is this inspiring interview about an Italian girl. Welcome Natasa into your homes and make her feel warm.

Roman woman [via Nata's Artblog]

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What was your biggest conquest, what is your biggest dream?

I’m a 21year old archaelogy student, I currently live in Padua, Italy. I’ve been in love with Art, in all of its forms, since I was a kid. My biggest conquest? I think life is an endless struggle, I guess I’ve never had the time to stop, catch my breath and say “So, here I am, this is my victory”... In the end maybe the biggest conquest in someone’s life is the ability to feel and express Beauty, no matter what happens. I’m not very much into “big dreams”, I’d be happy to live a quiet life, with the people I love, maybe in a snug cottage in the middle of the woods, surrounded by animals and doing what I love the most: drawing and writing.

2. Which technique do you use to draw and paint? Do you have any secrets?

Recently I’ve been using watercolours and graphite, a technique that I find very fetching... Water is unforeseenable. I also use oil paint, acrilics, digital colouring. Every artist has its secrets, but they wouldn’t be secrets anymore if I reveal them.

The Seer [via Nata's Artblog]

3. In your drawings there is a mythology aura, very inspiring and touching. What’s your favourite mythology? Do you have a favourite myth?

I’m very fond of mythology. Myths are not “just stories”, they are everlasting keys that are able to open doors of wisdom, knowledge, cosmos. I love all european mythologies, from greek, to slavic, celtic, etc... They’re all different languages that disclose the same essence. It’s hard to tell whitch is my favourite myth... One of those that I love the most is the one of Demeter and Persephone.

4. In the social art site deviantArt I saw that you are a member of several pagan groups (as I do). Are you a pagan? What do you enjoy and feel about this religious belief? Do you think we’re returning to our origins (more close to nature)?

As one old chinese proverb goes “No matter how tall the tree is, its leaves will always fall to the ground”. Yes, Nature is my belief. Paganism is about rediscovering our own roots, recovering the right balance and harmony with Nature, sensing the divine in everything that sorrounds us. I think that humankind has come to a crucial crossroads: on one side lies the barren desert, caused by human greed, blindness, disrespect towards Nature; on the other side flourisches a world built on harmony and temperance, that is aware that man is not above Nature, but part of it, and has no right to submit it. By praising the Gods and Goddesses I feel I’m walking towards this flowery path.

Hawk Eye [via Nata's Artblog]

5. One of your works is called Sturm und Drang, which I found very curious. Do you usually put your emotions above your reason? In which situations you do otherwise?

I strongly believe in the virtue of the “aurea mediocritas”, as Horace would call it, the “golden mean” that stands between two extremes. Although I’m very attached to the concept of the sturm und drang, for it rappresents the most deep and enigmatic corner of the human soul, that can’t be controlled by reason. The unconscious has always been for the artist a dreadful and delightful Muse.

6. What does inspire you? Do you have a technique to get inspired more easily?

I found inspiration everywhere: in an autumn landscape, in an old song, in a dusty attic, in a hot cup of tea, in a exciting trip, in the purring of a cat on a boring and cloudly Sunday afternoon... We only need the right trigger to set our immagination in motion. I don’t have any special technique.

Autumn [via Nata's Artblog]

7. Do you have a time of the day when you work better? If so, what are the differences you find when you work in a “good” time and a “bad” one?

I usually work better in the evening, maybe because of the quite atmosphere. When it’s “bad time” I don’t work at all, I’d probably just scratch the paper and throw all away... You can’t force yourself to create if you’re not in the mood.

Rumpelstiltskin [via Nata's Artblog]
8. There is any kind of ritual that you use to warm up your hands so you can draw properly?

No, nothing in particular.

Majka Vlazna Zemlja [via Nata's Artblog]

9. Artists are, sometimes, cursed with blockage. What do you do when that happens?

I just turn on the stereo and listen to some music, it helps me clear my mind from the overwhelming thoughts and let inspiration resurface. I remember painting The Lady of Shallot for hours while listening to the same song, Corelli’s La Folia, and old european musical theme played with violins.

Snowhite [via Nata's Artblog]

10. Do you feel the need to be constantly motivated or it’s easy for you to find joy in what you do?

Motivation is not a problem for me, I’d draw all day long if I could. However, I find joy only if I’m completely satisfied by the work I’ve done, and that doesn’t happen so frequently, I tend to be very strict with myself and hard to please.

de [via Nata's Artblog]

Thursday, 22 December 2011

trial and error #4 [my little monster]

My Christmas card was based in this tutorial @ Spoongraphics' blog. Make sure you subscribe the feed because there's a lot of useful stuff there.

P.S. Sorry for the short posts. These last days before Christmas are way too busy. :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

eco design #3 [beauty DIY]

It's difficult to go green being a woman.We need to feel beautiful and cosmetics make our life so much easier. But we can be ecological and, at the same time, take care of ourselves.

Treehugger has a wonderful article about this: go check it out! You'll save money and you'll be even more beautiful, because there will be no more chemicals to warm your skin.

And if you really want to cut your expenses, just start to eat in an healthy way: it makes wonders!

What are your beauty habits?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

love works #2 [love season]


We're all counting the days for Christmas and I'm no exception. And since I prefer to give than to receive... I have a little gift for you. This little monster is wishing you Happy Holidays!

Little Monster says Happy Holidays by ~BlackLuna on deviantART

Monday, 19 December 2011

breathing #4 [go with the flow]

There aren't many things more inspiring than music. So, here it is a selection of some musics I found recently and that I fell in love with. Hope you like if and feel inspired!

Friday, 16 December 2011

inner-view #5 [living the dream]


We're heading to United States of America, Los Angeles, with Helen Huang. She currently works at an ad agency, but that wasn't the path she initially chose. To know all about her journey, continue reading!

Sun Flower by *CQcat on deviantART

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What was your biggest conquest? What is your most treasured dream?

I am Helen Huang aka CQcat. I grew up in China and moved to the US after graduating from college. I work full time at an interactive advertising agency and I am also a freelance illustrator. My biggest conquest was to jump from legal field to creative field. It was not easy and I am glad I ended up where my passion lead me to. My most treasured dream is to stay inspired and influence people in a positive way with my art.

Rebirth by *CQcat on deviantART

2. You moved from China to USA and left laws to embrace digital media. How these events influenced your creativity?

I believe all life experience enriches us and gives us perspective. It took me a long time and great effort to get to where I am today. I feel blessed that I get up everyday to do the things I love. But all the things that happened in my life made me treasure more of what I have now. And they keep reminding me of what’s more important for me in life. They help me stay focused and productive.

Fall by *CQcat on deviantART

3. When we look to your gallery we see that only girls are portrayed. Is it for any reason in particular?

I only draw guys for clients’ work. For all my personal artwork, I focus on girls because I love women’s fashion and my art is my canvas to express and experiment. And my girls are also reflections of my inner self.

Happiness in a Cup by *CQcat on deviantART

4. I also sense a great power in their hairs, they are all different: from styles to colours. You did it in intentionally? What’s their role in your artworks?

Hair sometimes indicates mood in my work. Different styles and colors enhance the feeling I am trying to express. You can always tell the tone and mood by the hair in my artwork.

Alice In Wonderland by *CQcat on deviantART

5. What is the biggest challenge when working in an ad agency?

The biggest challenge working on the creative side is to make your clients fall in love with your creative solutions. It requires great communication skills and strategies to make clients see your point of view and agree with you.

Fashion 1 by *CQcat on deviantART

6. Do you work better when calmed or stressed? How the other way around affects your works?

I am a person who is organized and plans things ahead of time. So I prefer working when I am calm and relaxed. Most of my works were done in this state of mind. But sometimes, not always, pressure can be a good thing. I’ve experienced some extra push on creativity when I had pressure in the past. So I appreciate both ways and hope to keep a balance.

Pirate by *CQcat on deviantART

7. Who do you define as visionary? Why?

Steve Jobs. Because of his vision, we can now enjoy a lot of great products that were crazy to even think about 15 years ago. I admire people with creativity and mostly originality.

Aviation by *CQcat on deviantART

8. How do you think advertising influences the way we shop?

Advertising influences our shopping at a great level. It finds what people want, not even what they need and uses that as a selling point. When we see the ad, we feel that owning that product can improve our life or enhance the family value we treasure. Sometimes we see seasonal ads, like jewelry advertising during holiday season or before Mother’s Day. So in a way, advertising not only make you want things, it can also influence on the timing.

Love Me Love Me Not by *CQcat on deviantART

9. What’s your biggest inspiration?

Everything beautiful in our daily life can be my inspiration. I interpret the world my way with my art. So I guess my biggest inspiration is life itself.

Dreamcatcher by *CQcat on deviantART

10. What were the most inspiring words you have ever received?

I have received many inspiring words from many people over the years. They all mean a lot to me and I don’t want to define the most inspiring. It is wonderful to know my art has positive impact on a lot of people. And it is very rewarding to receive words from some younger fans saying they wish to grow up and become an artist like me.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

love works #1 [embrace the wisdom]


owl by ~BlackLuna on deviantART

trial and error #3 [owl]

A couple of days I was playing with this tutorial that teaches how to draw a vector owl in a very simple way. But what I was really looking for was a koala tutorial, but didn't find one interesting enough. But, well, this was a very fun thing to do.

You'll notice that it's a very detailed tutorial, unless you don't know how to use the gradient mesh tool yet. Like me. So I looked up for one that could teach me that. And it's not as difficult as it seemed. It just requires a bit of practice, as the pen tool.

As I'm not very good with the pen tool, here it goes another tutorial on this matter. Maybe you can learn something too.

On the next post I'll show you my owl. :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

[be my friend]

[via postcrossing]

Sorry, my dear readers. Today we'll not have a post about eco design. Last week I was ill and couldn't write anything for the blog, lucky you that all other week posts were already written.

But I can tell you about a cool blog that I've found, well two blogs: Flood of Memories and Penpal of The Week. You guessed it, they're both about getting penpals. I love the idea!

I think snailmail is much better than the electronic one. You can practice your handwriting, receive one treat or another and you have more time to think of what you're saying. It's also more intimal and who doesn't like to open the mailbox and see other thing rather than bills?

I would love to have friends all over the world and learn their culture and languages. How about you?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

featuring #2 [Yevgeny Razumov]

Today, I'll present you the work of a Russian graphic and packager designer, Yevgeny Razumov. His gallery hasn't much to be seen yet but with this package it doesn't mind.

Padre Divino is Latin (like Italian or Portuguese) for Divine Father. This is an interesting choice of words. Read what the author has to say:

Padre Divino (in Italian Divino means divine, di vino - wine) - is a dessert red wine recommended for use on Catholic holidays and also as one of the basic elements of receiving the Eucharist in Catholicism.

Also, if you pay attention, you'll see that the all package is a confession's room. All the Catholic people that wishes to receive the Eucharist needs to confess first, so it has no sins when it touches the Holy Bread (or the flesh of Christ). Sometimes people have also access to, what they call, the blood of Christ, a special wine used also in Eucharist.

What I love about it is that even the details are divine. They're well elaborated and we even see the Father represented.

I'm not a religious person, but I would buy this wine for sure! Are you a fan of wine?

Monday, 12 December 2011

breathing #3 [at the fireplace]

Don't you love to be near a fireplace, reading a book, taking your favourite drink and a piece of cake fruit? (yeah, I'm still on a diet) Or just talk with your family and watch TV?

Here's a collection of the prettiest fireplaces I've seen:

[via ArchiExpo]

[via fresh home]
[via clnvogue]

[via tuvie]

[via burning desires]
[via design on fire]

I prefer the traditional ones, see the fire crackling and warm my hands. And you?

Friday, 9 December 2011

inner-view #4 [in a mystic world]


Paula Courtois' here for another inner-view. We're heading to South America! Do you like tropical weather? Then you'll love Argentina! Let's go!

Lady Cat by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

1. Let’s get to know you. What was your biggest conquest, what is your most treasured dream?

Well, I got my biggest conquest when I had my first publication in a magazine. I was really happy, because I was the featured artist, with a big interview and a cover. I never thought I would get something like that. And my biggest dream, a big dream, is me, traveling around the world doing expositions, sharing my artworks with everyone, and be there to see the faces and reactions of the viewers.

Enter Darkness by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

2. How did your passion about photo-manipulation emerged?

I used to see wallpapers and calendars posted by people on the Internet. Some of them were really good, and I thought “Can I do something like this? How?” By then, I used to draw a lot; I used to love painting portraits. Always people, and specially, woman. I found woman very inspiring. So, I started with basic programs, doing simple pictures, and I just kept the practice, so I learned and improved a lot, with the time. I know, I still have a lot to do with my works, they are not 100% perfect.

Prophetia Angelus by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

3. We see a lot of blue and dark/grey in your gallery. Does colour define you and your works?

I don’t really know. I never thought that before. I guess, the artists have reciprocal relations with their works. The artists create them, but something new arises in us when we finished. So I think the colors that make up the atmosphere of my images, influence me, cause something, but I'm the one, ultimately, who choose these and not others. With other colors, everything in my works, even the main message could change ...

Lonely is the Night by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

4. A photo-manipulator is also a storyteller. In which of your stories would you like to live?

I would like to be in one story about ghost towns, with old and abandoned houses. I always liked these supernatural stories about a strange incident that made people leave the place, until someone comes along and discover all they had to leave behind ... I want to be that someone, discover secrets of an interesting past. Being alone with stories that no one could tell, I'd like that.

What My Imagination Wants... by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

5. Where do you get inspired? Do you have a special place where do you go to (internal or external)?

Not really. I mean, my inspiration comes alone, at any place or time. I do like to be silent, in front of my computer to let my hands do what my mind already planned. Generally, my inspiration comes from reflections that often I can not explain.

That Red Queen by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

6. What your work has to say about you?

I guess that my work say that I am challenging myself, I like to achieve what I think is perfect, but often I can not do that. I like to convey what I feel, because it is the best way I can communicate with people who understand me, who know what I do.

The Darkest Hour by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

7. If you were an object, which one would you be?

I would be a big wooden chest. I would like to occupy much space, and be useful. Perhaps I could contain paintings, old books and manuscripts. It would be fun to hold many secrets and memories of other people!

The Mystery Of Life by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

8. What was the more challenging obstacle you had to face?

My broken computer. It crashed last year, and I had had so many pictures on it, that I could not recover. That loss really affected me. It was an obstacle because I couldn’t do any photo manipulation for a long time. I was sad. But I have not had a greater difficulty, for now.

The Newborn Vampire by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

9. Do you think your culture has an influence in your creativity? How?

I believe that all cultures open horizons and world views, but close others. Our culture teaches us to see the world in one way and not another, to do things one way and not another. So, I think that, in fact; all I am and all I do are determined by the culture to which I belong and in which I participate every day.

I Am Made of Ice by *DarkDevil16 on deviantART

10. What person (living or dead) would you like to spend a day with? Why?

That person is my mom. Fortunately, she is alive, and we always talk and spend a lot of time together. Because she is like any friend, she is always honest, funny, and unconditional.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

eco design #2 [grow your own food]

You're living in an apartment and that serves you as an excuse to not grow your own food? Not anymore! 

Britta Riley, an artist and urban farmer, teaches how to do it and even has a site, the Windowfarmers, to share the knowledge.

Biologic food is healthier and enhances your beauty, so what you're waiting for?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

be my guest #1 [all the possibilities]

Have you ever given up on your favourite dress or music because you felt like it was too young for you or off season for you or just doesn't fit in with the place etc.? Sometimes, we forget how much we take into consideration our age, season, region, gender etc. while making decisions about what to wear or what kind of music to listen to. Sometimes, I wonder how much rules like these can lower the creative potential of a person and narrow down the possibilities of new ways of thinking. Recently I came across an article on WWD on Estee Lauder Group President John Demsey that highlighted his ability to translate his knowledge of pop culture into sales, which according to industry sources is estimated to have a global wholesale volume of more than $1.5 billion. While many might see tuning into the world of pop culture as a teenager's domain and don't want to be associated with it, Demsey takes it as a compliment and uses it along with his number crunching side of the brain to drive the business of one of the most well known brands in the world. He is an inspiration to all the people who question if something is too young or odd for us. Let's look at some of the rules or views that I have come across that I think can limit our creative possibilities.

Men in Color: I am sure you have seen many bloggers compare Prabal Gurung's black leather fair isle jacket from Junya Watanabe that he wore to Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York to a similar one that Justin Beiber wore in red. The former came off as cool and edgy wearing the beautiful varsity jacket in black while the latter was deemed uncool for his overly festive look. While I agree that Prabal Gurung looked cooler and edgier, I think Justin's look has potential and could be turned into something cooler and edgier with some creative changes to his ensemble. May be a cooler and edgier pant or an interesting hairstyle would have worked? I have seen men I know complain about the limited color selection when it comes to men's fashion so why not praise Justin for adopting a bolder color and suggest something to turn his look into something edgier or cooler? Do you agree? Also, take a look at the picture below of Loreza Martone in a touch of purple at Lady Gaga's Workshop event. What do you think of his outfit?

Flowers, dresses and colors for cooler weather: People usually associate flowers, dresses and colors with summer or spring than fall or winter but why not break that rule and be different. In the below picture you see Pamela Love wear a beautiful flower dress in yellow to lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York and she looks wonderful. When layered, dresses can be easily worn in almost any weather. Micheal Kors's recent tips for winter dressing included using color as an alternative to brighten up a gray winter day. Would you wear a colorful floral dress in winter?

30 Plus Fashion: Another rule is what and what not a 30+ year old should wear. Just take a look at the first article below. The article makes it look like varsity jackets or anything athletic pieces with lots of cool geometry is meant for women under 30s and that 30 plus year olds should stick to mostly clean classics. Do you agree with this? Below is also a collage of pictures with older actresses and models in shorter dresses which people usually associate with the below 30 crowd. Do you think these dresses are appropriate for someone over 30?

Harper’s Bazaar UK Cover Shot. December 2011

I think too many rules can block creativity and dull out the creative child inside of us, which we all need to motivate, challenge and uncover the limitless creative possibilities of our right brain. I think it's always good to keep an open mind and look out for fresh possibilities if we want to stay creative and lively. The only rule that I would like to keep in mind when it comes to fashion, music or art is the beautiful quote by Chanel: A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous. I think we should take a look at things through rose colored glasses and open up to possibilities. Do you agree? Do you let age, gender, region or season dull out your creativity when it comes to fashion or music? Would love to hear your thoughtful and creative views.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
~ Coco Chanel

Heel in Mint


BEAUTYINC, The Business of Beauty, an issue of  Women's Wear Daily

Friday, 2 December 2011

inner-view #3 ["Loving something enough to suffer for it"]


It's Friday again! Are you ready for the weekend? And for a new inner-view?

Let me introduce you to Katia, or as she is known in the web: Vaelyane. This time we're travelling to France with a funny, special wanna-be illustrator.

Let's see what she has to tell us:

1. Open up for me. What was your biggest conquest, what is your most treasured dream?

Oh, my! What a start! Well, I don't think I've accomplished much of anything yet. I'm still a student, trying to find my way. Nothing special ever happened to me. What surprises me the most is that I didn't give my art up despite how much I've had to struggle with it. I'm never satisfied, always striving for something far beyond my abilities. It's a terrible hindrance, but I managed to go on in spite of it. Perfectionism is a horrible plague I never got rid of. I was fairly unproductive before this year, mostly due to my visceral fear of failure. I had to force myself to get where I am, and I hope I'll have enough strength to make it last.

My dream would be to make a living solely with my drawings. Perhaps even write my own stories, and illustrate them! As far as I know, it's a dream many others artists share, but only a few could achieve.

2. How did you get into what you do creatively?

For a long time, I was only considering drawing as a way to illustrate a non-written story I had in mind. It wasn't even supposed to be a visual story. I decided to depict my characters mostly for fun, without any further intent, as I didn’t think I was very good at it anyway.

As I drew what I had in mind, I got progressively more interested in the act of drawing itself. The more I drew, the more it obsessed me. Improving became a real challenge, as well as a constant struggle. I decided to put my writing aside and focus on this instead. I became serious about it around four or five years ago. Today, I'm still at an early stage of my artistic development, and I have no idea where this is going to take me, but I'm curious to see how it will evolve over time.

3. The medieval era is strongly present in your works. Is that your favourite Age? What do you like about it?

Oh, is it really strong? I didn't realise it still was!

Today, I wouldn't say the medieval era is my strongest source of inspiration, even if it was very prominent before. As a kid, I used to read many books, including Arthurian legends and other tales which always fascinated me. Medieval times can seem so foreign, with their traditions and supersitions, their brilliantly detailed illuminated manuscripts, even their architecture! I know some people call this period a dark age, but it's not entirely accurate.

Nowadays, I have broadened my inspirations to a variety of sources such as Art Nouveau, the Victorian Era, the 1920s... even the Renaissance! I can't say I have a favourite Age. There are too many I find equally interesting!

Smoke by *Vaelyane on deviantART

4. Your characters’ faces are different from the ones I usually see; they seem more representative of the actual human being. Are your characters inspired by real human faces?

As a matter of fact, they're not! At least, not directly.

I strongly dislike using direct references when I'm drawing or painting. I'd much rather go for imagination, despite the possible awkward look of the outcome. It's not clever at all. Don't draw like me, people! Use references if you need them!

Even if I don't always succeed, I usually try to give specific facial traits to my characters, to distinguish them. They're not always amazingly pretty either. I might be drawing imaginary people, but they're people nonetheless! All different, rarely perfect. I must admit I still draw generic stereotyped faces once in a while, like I did in my “Rise of the Valkyrie” painting.

My greatest fear is to draw faces that all look the same despite my best efforts. I often feel they're far from being different enough yet. Of course, I have nothing against artits who idealise all their faces, but it's not what I'm trying to achieve.

5. Which tools do you use to draw? What was the most difficult to learn?

I was a mere pencil doodler, at first. Only mechanichal pencils, as seen in my mechanical fish drawing. This was one of my only "finished" works from back then.

What I'm currently developping is my digital painting technique, using Photoshop. I have recently gotten much bolder with my attempts at digital art, and these are what I mostly show. But even now, I usually sketch my drawing out with a pencil before trying to paint it, and most of my sketchbooks are still filled with mechanical and coloured pencils doodles.

I try something different every once in a while, such as indian ink for traditional linearts, or markers... I enjoy using watercolours too, even if I don't use them often. In terms of difficulty, I'd say they're all equivalent, even though digital art is a lot more convenient for me. Each technique has its own pros and cons. Anyway, I feel I haven't mastered any of the tools I'm using!

Rise of the Valkyrie by *Vaelyane on deviantART

6. How did you develop your style? Trial and error or it just came naturally?

Can you believe I had a anime phase? I can't either!

It didn't last long at all, though. I quickly fell back into semi-realism. I'm fairly ashamed of it, not because I dislike anime but because it looked even more horrendous than my earliest attempts at my current style.

In short, it was a mix of both. After this style proved to be the wrong one, semi-realism became the obvious path to choose. It might change in the future. Who knows what might happen?

How do you balance passion and hard work in your projects? Do you use one more than the other?
Obstination and hard work are definitely more prominent.

It gets harder and harder for me to keep being passionate about a piece the longer I work on it. Sometimes, I lose courage when I see how slow I can be. At other times, I'm afraid I tried something way over my current abilities. All these doubts are putting my patience to the test. Ironically enough, I'm not very patient, but I'm working on it!

After all, isn't that what passion originally meant? Loving something enough to suffer for it?

Shamosh Temple - New version by *Vaelyane on deviantART

7. How do you balance passion and hard work in your projects? Do you use one more than the other?

Obstination and hard work are definitely more prominent.

It gets harder and harder for me to keep being passionate about a piece the longer I work on it. Sometimes, I lose courage when I see how slow I can be. At other times, I'm afraid I tried something way over my current abilities. All these doubts are putting my patience to the test. Ironically enough, I'm not very patient, but I'm working on it!

After all, isn't that what passion originally meant? Loving something enough to suffer for it?

8. Who is the most creative person that you have ever known? Do they inspire you to become a better artist?

Well, I’d say it’s this young lady I met on a French-speaking oekaki board called e-kaki.
Her blog is over there:
and her deviantArt account:

She's extremely productive, determined and passionate. I have never seen anything like it! She spends every waking moment drawing and working hard to improve her art. She makes me wish I was more productive as well and her use of colours and light encouraged me to work on mine. As a matter of fact, I wasn't producing many "finished" pieces before this year, her influence might have helped trigger my sudden increase of work!

9. What do you do when your creativity feels blocked?

Whenever it happens, I stop drawing or painting whatever blocked me and try to do something else. Sometimes, I pick up another drawing. Most often, I browse through pictures on deviantArt, Tumblr or other sites in search of "food for the eyes" and inspiration. It doesn't always work, though. My advice, for what it's worth, would be to take a breather, do something else you like and the art block will vanish after a while.

10. If you could change one aspect of our society through your work, what would it be?

My work isn't meant to change society, it's mostly just a pure expression of my imagination. But if it could change anything, I'd wish to change this, even if it seems quite vague and general: Ignorance is everywhere and can lead to many misconceptions and sometimes even harm others. Granted, it's much easier to wallow in your own ignorance than trying to overcome it and teach yourself to grow, but people, you can think for yourselves, be open and curious! It's not all that hard and it's very gratifying. :D If you already are, thank you! Really!

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