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My dream job is to work at home as a graphic designer, a journalist, an advertiser or, simply, as an writer. So, here I am offering my services to you. In Portuguese. In English. In French. And soon, also in Mandarin.

From me you can expect a lot of passion and dedication (if not devotion). From you I expect a lot of critiques: that's the way I improve. That's the way I involve you in the process. And I'll always give you my best. I'm a perfectionist after all.

I will:

 Write you: poems / short-stories / chronic / essays

 Create you: logos / magazines layouts / book covers / CD covers / stationery / flyers / outdoors / business cards

 Design you: preloaders / banners / flash websites

Always show you a sample

Contact me at nicia [dot] cruz [at] gmail [dot] com for more information. And don't forget to check my love works and my portfolio! ♥

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Anonymous said...

you are learning Mandarin? wow, I'm impressed. I've been thinking about it. would make sense should I go to Singapore. but it's such a difficult language!!!

Nícia Cruz said...

It's easier than it seems. ;) I'm studying it for almost a year now, and in next April I'll take the HSK exam. I hope I'll be able to reach at least level 2.

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