Tuesday, 24 April 2012

featuring #6 [turn out the lights]

My dear dreamers,

Shhhh!... The movie session has begun:
(Do you want to learn a new language? Watch these videos by EF:)


What would you show about your city/language?

Monday, 23 April 2012

breathing #9 [earth day is everyday]

My dear dreamers,

Yesterday was the Earth day and I acted accordingly. I did not plant a tree as I wished but I turned this blog into a greener place (haha literally too!). I hope you'll like it and enjoy to spend here a little more of your time.

I'll explain you all the details of the logo and the colours I chose for the blog, as I want you to understand why it is the way it is. There will be some more things that will be changed as the RSS and the about designing dreams&me and Facebook page, for example. If you have any suggestions drop them on the comment's box. It will be much appreciated.

So... as you can see the logo is representing two leafs with the two D's together, one white and a gold one that is turning into green. The first leaf represents the perfection I want to achieve. And because...

White is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light that stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the human eye in nearly equal amounts and with high brightness compared to the surroundings. A white visual stimulation will be void of hue and grayness. Wikipedia
You know I love colours!

The second leaf is what will lead me to that goal. Memories are fine to remember and to learn with but we need to move on and do something with the day we have in hands. Gold turning into green is the representation of a new life, a new opportunity to turn yourself into a better you and gaining an award for each golden leaf you shifted from.

And...the background: black and green. Black gives us a negative feeling most of the times, but it's here to save power. Black doesn't need as much energy as the other colours as it is the absence of light. And green, well it's obvious, it represents nature, hope and this wonderful Universe we live on.

It's now time to be inspired by the wonders of nature, follow me into this whole new world < along with the soundtrack. (Click on the images to go to the source.)


Nature / Bokeh

Leaf Nature

Nature Macro Flower

Nature / Landscape / Mountains


Butterfly / Macro / Nature

I feel pretty, oh so pretty !!


♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Nature (Conte - L'Arbre et le Soleil)

What did you do on the Earth day?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

eco design #5 [food for beauty]

My dear dreamers,

Sorry! This post is one day late, but it's here. And I'm warning this will be a passionate, all-embracing post with some strong opinions. Stop here if you don't want to be challenged.

Yesterday I just met buses and trains to safely arrive at my hometown. Viana do Castelo is known by its beauty, landscapes and hospitality. Its motto is: Who likes it comes, who loves it stays.

But why am I talking about this? Because our hometown is always in our hearts, that's where we mold our first memories, it's there that we lay our first moments of happiness. Did you know that happiness is sustainable?

You should know by now that money doesn't bring happiness or either it helps so (as many claims). Currency just makes you want more and more You're always unsatisfied with what you have. You always want what others own. Is that healthy? Is that good for you? I don't think so.

I'm not a materialistic girl for sure. Yes I have my collection of cosmetics + accessories, but I barely use them. I don't need them to feel pretty. When they say that cosmetics doesn't make you beautiful they're telling the true, they just enhance the features you already have. Do you know what really makes you beautiful? What makes you feel in peace/good with yourself? Is not only self-esteem. It's food. Yes, food!


When you read the labels of this or that cream, or in a lipstick, shadow or blush what do you look for? Vitamins, right? And you can see that most of the DIY tutorials are made with them (> food). We're so obsessed by this, but then we forget to eat correctly. Doesn't it seem non-sense to you? (And that thing of having a natural look with make-up, are you talking seriously?)

One thing I learned with my new diet is that an healthy meal makes wonders to your body. Your skin will look brighter, you'll don't have that much acne (at least the most part of the month), your hair will be shinier...

I'm sure you know we must eat vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of water, etc. But I'll show you what is the effect on your body of each nutrient. Follow me: 

However you don't want to eat that kind of food full of pesticides and other venoms that damage your skin.  And your body. You'll want sustainable food, that was born by passionated, caring and patient hands. More about this in the next eco post.

Are your meals green and yet colourful?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

featuring #5 [you want logo?]

My dear dreamers,

We live in a world of brands, symbols and imagery. So, for today, I'll show you the most simple, yet creative, logos I found in the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy them!

// You can find these logos in Brands of the World.

What's your favourite logo/brand?

Monday, 16 April 2012

breathing #8 [I lace you]

I know you hate Mondays, but I love them! It's the day of the Moon, my favourite luminary. I usually call myself as Luna, that means Moon is Spanish. However, that's not the only reason I prefer Mondays to Fridays or Saturdays.

As each day is a new fresh start, Mondays symbolizes a clean week where we can accomplish all our goals. Monday is energy. You're replenished from the weekend and you need to have your mind settled for the next five days. You'll not be as powerful as you are today, even if you can't feel it. That's why you need to feel inspired.

I'me here to wake you up and make you see the wonders of your life and how easy it is to put your hands to work and your hearts to love (yes, we can have more than one). Let's start!


  On the wonderful blog this is glamorous I read a long, but beautiful and invigorating article about lace (one of my favourite fabrics, along with silk and velvet). Make sure you read it too, don't be scared by the length of it as once you start to read you only want to know more and more. [Who is the girl who doesn't like lace? Lace is intricate, sweet, beautiful, delicate and sexy just like us.]

If you're looking for great typography, you'll find it on Peter Hammarstrand's Behance Portfolio with 100 // Great things come out of boredom. Thank me later. 

Did I changed your views about Monday? Tell me about it in the comments box.


Friday, 13 April 2012

inner-view #8 [art is emotion]


My dear dreamers,

We start our innerviews in a Friday, 13th to give us luck. I brought to you the amazing words&work of Andrea B. Grigore. She's is known as ImaginaryRosse in Deviantart and has many, many followers.

Andrea is a Romanian Digital Artist and her works are surrounded of mystery, darkness, emotions and fantasy. It was a great pleasure to talk with her. Thanks Andrea for your time!

So, are you ready to scoop this Friday's inner-view?

Kyanite by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

1. So, tell me about yourself. What is the biggest fear you overcome? What is your most treasured dream?

Everyone gets to the point in which they might ask their self „What is my biggest fear?” and the truth is...there isn’t only one big fear. I think there are many, such as the fear of failure, the fear of death, and so on. But one of my biggest fears – which I had to overcome recently – was loosing someone I loved and cherished. I always wondered how will I react and how will I move on, and it seems I had to do it no matter what.

My most treasured dream? To get far, far away in this life...

daemonya by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

2. As you say in your biography, you started as a drawer/painter, switched then to photography and then to photo-manipulation. Do you think these are important skills to do a balanced work in your area?

First of all, talent is the most important skill you need when stepping into the arts world.
Of course, knowing and understanding as many areas as you can it’s helpful, but it’s not that important. Because, when stepping into photo-manipulation, sooner or later you learn to understand many fields. I can’t say it didn’t helped me, but paper is different from digital. Knowing how to paint or draw on a plain paper, it doesn’t mean you will know how to paint on a digital tablet. Knowing how to do a composition in a picture it doesn’t mean you will know to build a manipulated scenery.
Because both photography and drawing/painting will let you do exactly what you want, but when doing a photomanipulation, sometimes you need to stick to the stock images you have or find – and sometimes your idea needs to be altered or changed completely. But, returning to the main question – it does matter but not that much.

Soul Collector by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

3. What is your biggest challenge when doing a photo-manipulation? What do you usually do to overcome the obstacles in your work?

I hate cropping. Everyone knows I hate cropping stuff out of images. But I also hate stuff cropped by someone else, so like it or not – I gotta do it! Uhmmm, but cropping isn’t quite a challenge isn’t it?
The biggest challenge is representing exactly what I have in my mind. If I start with an idea, and I already see 80% of the image in my mind, it must look the same on my screen. But, here comes the challenge – sometimes I can’t find stock to exactly match my own idea, and that is when I spend half of the day seeking for stock and sometimes ending up in creating my own stock. It’s hard to match your imagination with reality. But when you do – that’s when you know you are a winner! 
The best way to overcome this particular challenge, is patience to find stock; or "take" the stock in your own hands and create it...

blue by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

4. When we look into your portfolio we enter a world of an emotional, dark and dramatic fantasy, which I find very alluring. What pulled you into this fascinating world?

Emotional is my favorite category out of all those you mentioned.
I’m the kind of person who can’t express her feelings within words. And sometimes I seem cold to many people. Or arrogant. I was called arrogant by many people inside dA’s community and outside of it.
But I found I way to express my feeling: doing art.
All of my images have either their own story – either some little symbols hidden within. And they are like memories. I look back within my gallery and I remember what I felt when doing each of my work.  It’s an easy tool I use whenever I have emotions I want to express and I just can’t find words for them.

Forever by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

5. If you could become one of your works of art, which one would you choose?

This is one of the most interesting question I ever got! Well...
As I mentioned before, I put a tiny part of me in all my emotional works, in one form or another.
But I guess becoming Catwoman for a day would be really interesting!

Seaside Premade Background by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

6. As an artist loved by so many, did you ever had to deal with copyright issues? What do you
recommend to do in that situation?

Oh, yes!
At the beginning I was the most frustrated person alive.
Seeing my images out there on blogs, forums – sometimes with glitter all over them, easily pissed me off. But I learned to move on. As long as they don’t alter my image and pretend it’s theirs, or sell it – they can do whatever. I see it as an appreciation now. They love it so much that they need to share it on their blog.
Or sometimes they associate what they feel and share it with an image.
Why being mad for this?

I never had to deal with serious copyright infringement. But if I would, I would definitely ask help from advised people. They know how to deal art theft!

fragile by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

7. Where do you get inspiration? Do you take it from artists you treasure, from stories and/or your own life?

I take a little from everything and everyone.

Yes, I have a few artists and friends I treasure, and I take a little something from there.
I also take a little something our from stories, songs, movies. But life is what puts the most influence into my works.

frozen tears by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

8. Do you have a train-of-thought when developing a new work? Could you share it with our readers?

 It happens just like this: sometimes I get across stock I instantly see it in a work, sometimes I watch a movie and I imagine a work. Sometimes I listen to a song, and a particular lyric or the whole song makes me think of a scene... Or sometimes I just feel something and I need express it using digital art...
In either of the cases, I always search for stock before developing the whole idea. Because I hate it when it’s impossible to find something I really need and I need to alter my idea.
It goes like this: idea, seeking stock – sometimes modifying the idea depending on the stock found, and then – creating.
One thing I always follow is creating the background first. Because the background sometimes gets created from 5 images.
And I feel more secure and safe with my work when I see the background finished. The model and the rest are details that blend with the background...

Lucifer by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

9. And when that train suddenly stops? What do you do?

I stop and take a break. I re-listen the song (if it’s a song that inspires me), I try to remember the movie scene, I listen music that I like...Sometimes I get back to work in 10 minutes, but sometimes it might take days. I never force anything because I end up with something I don’t like...

Rudolph by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

10. In thinking about the things that you have created, is there something that you hated but the public may have loved - and perhaps purchased? How do you explain this?

This is the thing I most love...
You can do something you hate and come across someone who may simply love it!
And that’s because we are different and we understand and see differently art.

And yes, it happened many times. And some of the thoughts that people shared made me change my vision about the work...Not necessarily love it, but at least like it more...

Hurt by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Ashes by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Empress by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Let me know your thoughts about this inner-view in the comments box and if you loved Andrea's work go show her some love, ok?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

trial and error #5 [butterfly wings]

My dear dreamers,


Are you ready for some trial and error? This time I've something beautiful for you: how to design a butterfly in Illustrator. You like butterflies don't you? When I was little I caught one to show to my sister, I kept her on a flask and she died. I forgot she needed oxygen... I was so sad...

But this one won't die and you'll be amazed by how easy it is to create one! Check out the tutorial at vector tuts +.

If you liked the post please leave a comment, it will be very much appreciated!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

eco design #4 [it's bio!]

My dear dreamers,


How green you are when you go shopping? Do you use plastic, paper or cloth bags? I use the latter but today I found a way better solution in 60bag.com, a Polish company.

60 Bag offers a variety of bio-degradable bags, made of industrial waste (so no natural resources exploited) and requires a minimum of energy to be produced. After 60 days of being discarded the bag decomposes naturally.

They come in a variety of shapes and thickness, but they can also be personalized. Right now, 60 Bag only sell to enterprises, which is good. I hope to see, in the near future, these bags in all markets (big or small).

If you liked this idea please share with your network!

// Al images are property of 60bag.com.

Monday, 9 April 2012

breathing #7 [one per day]

My dear dreamers,

If you're visiting me today it's because you want to feel inspired. Am I right? You wont feel disappointed. Keep on reading.

A photo a day does you no harm, not even three or a dozen. We can dream and face reality, we can be fooled or learn something new. We can travel in space and time. We can share ideas or moments. What more is photography to you?

I'm not sure a picture worth a 1000 words, but it captures that one single moment in the life of the Universe that will never repeat again. How precious is that?

That's why I feel inspired by websites like 1x FWA National Geographic and their One Photo a Day. Take a look at them with me:




What's your photo of the day? Share your moments with me!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

sweet world of mine

My dear dreamers,

Next week everything we'll be back to normal and I'll write for you everyday. It's the time I need to keep everything organized and up-to-date.

You know I'm a big fan of nature. But I also enjoy to discover new cultures + new languages. It's fascinating how we're able to communicate in so many different mediums and ways. We have literature, music, fashion, voice, silence, sculpture, painting, animation, gesture, traditions, ad infinitum. We express feelings, emotions or ideas even when we don't want to.

So language is never a barrier. We can meet and talk with other people even if we don't speak a common language. We can understand ourselves no matter how different we are. Crazy, isn't it?

Today, I was looking for some Chinese culture references on Tumblr and I found a blog that made me wonder about how a collection of pictures can tell you so much about the world we live in. I saw so many faces, young and old, each one with its peculiar vestment. Each image showed a distinct tradition, a unique way of being. It's an astonishing view of what's around you. Sometimes we forget how beautiful Earth is; we're so blinded by fear that we forgot that snow is made of snowflakes. And there aren't two snowflakes alike. As there aren't two equal persons. Don't ever judge someone because she's different from you, but celebrate that uniqueness together.

Now it's time to show you the world:

Fakir leonid plotkin

Puja on the Ghats of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India   Charlottine

Les oiseaux  karbenzer

DSC_7722  denis chaibi

em be hmong  dan toan

Tapu War dancer - Arunachal Pradesh : Siang Valley, Adi Minyong tribe #11   foto_morgana

Poor old woman living in the Tarr dessert    fototraveller
suonatrice tatuata  armando moreschi

Pratima Rana  sabina green

1084  smeotti

Untitled dvlazar
Kathmandu Woman  tom stewart
Field Coverage: Cambodia  united nations photo

Untitled  dvlazar

Monks Praying ♥ dvlazar

Eastern Attire   khankayani

Kelly  erin michelle

Tongue Man  deepchi1
maiko, kyoto japan 日本・京都   michael chandler

Notice that The World and Its People is a collection of works by other artists. I credited them on each image. Check the blog and the artists, you won't regret it. There's so much more to see!


Link Within

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