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inner-view #8 [art is emotion]


My dear dreamers,

We start our innerviews in a Friday, 13th to give us luck. I brought to you the amazing words&work of Andrea B. Grigore. She's is known as ImaginaryRosse in Deviantart and has many, many followers.

Andrea is a Romanian Digital Artist and her works are surrounded of mystery, darkness, emotions and fantasy. It was a great pleasure to talk with her. Thanks Andrea for your time!

So, are you ready to scoop this Friday's inner-view?

Kyanite by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

1. So, tell me about yourself. What is the biggest fear you overcome? What is your most treasured dream?

Everyone gets to the point in which they might ask their self „What is my biggest fear?” and the truth is...there isn’t only one big fear. I think there are many, such as the fear of failure, the fear of death, and so on. But one of my biggest fears – which I had to overcome recently – was loosing someone I loved and cherished. I always wondered how will I react and how will I move on, and it seems I had to do it no matter what.

My most treasured dream? To get far, far away in this life...

daemonya by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

2. As you say in your biography, you started as a drawer/painter, switched then to photography and then to photo-manipulation. Do you think these are important skills to do a balanced work in your area?

First of all, talent is the most important skill you need when stepping into the arts world.
Of course, knowing and understanding as many areas as you can it’s helpful, but it’s not that important. Because, when stepping into photo-manipulation, sooner or later you learn to understand many fields. I can’t say it didn’t helped me, but paper is different from digital. Knowing how to paint or draw on a plain paper, it doesn’t mean you will know how to paint on a digital tablet. Knowing how to do a composition in a picture it doesn’t mean you will know to build a manipulated scenery.
Because both photography and drawing/painting will let you do exactly what you want, but when doing a photomanipulation, sometimes you need to stick to the stock images you have or find – and sometimes your idea needs to be altered or changed completely. But, returning to the main question – it does matter but not that much.

Soul Collector by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

3. What is your biggest challenge when doing a photo-manipulation? What do you usually do to overcome the obstacles in your work?

I hate cropping. Everyone knows I hate cropping stuff out of images. But I also hate stuff cropped by someone else, so like it or not – I gotta do it! Uhmmm, but cropping isn’t quite a challenge isn’t it?
The biggest challenge is representing exactly what I have in my mind. If I start with an idea, and I already see 80% of the image in my mind, it must look the same on my screen. But, here comes the challenge – sometimes I can’t find stock to exactly match my own idea, and that is when I spend half of the day seeking for stock and sometimes ending up in creating my own stock. It’s hard to match your imagination with reality. But when you do – that’s when you know you are a winner! 
The best way to overcome this particular challenge, is patience to find stock; or "take" the stock in your own hands and create it...

blue by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

4. When we look into your portfolio we enter a world of an emotional, dark and dramatic fantasy, which I find very alluring. What pulled you into this fascinating world?

Emotional is my favorite category out of all those you mentioned.
I’m the kind of person who can’t express her feelings within words. And sometimes I seem cold to many people. Or arrogant. I was called arrogant by many people inside dA’s community and outside of it.
But I found I way to express my feeling: doing art.
All of my images have either their own story – either some little symbols hidden within. And they are like memories. I look back within my gallery and I remember what I felt when doing each of my work.  It’s an easy tool I use whenever I have emotions I want to express and I just can’t find words for them.

Forever by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

5. If you could become one of your works of art, which one would you choose?

This is one of the most interesting question I ever got! Well...
As I mentioned before, I put a tiny part of me in all my emotional works, in one form or another.
But I guess becoming Catwoman for a day would be really interesting!

Seaside Premade Background by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

6. As an artist loved by so many, did you ever had to deal with copyright issues? What do you
recommend to do in that situation?

Oh, yes!
At the beginning I was the most frustrated person alive.
Seeing my images out there on blogs, forums – sometimes with glitter all over them, easily pissed me off. But I learned to move on. As long as they don’t alter my image and pretend it’s theirs, or sell it – they can do whatever. I see it as an appreciation now. They love it so much that they need to share it on their blog.
Or sometimes they associate what they feel and share it with an image.
Why being mad for this?

I never had to deal with serious copyright infringement. But if I would, I would definitely ask help from advised people. They know how to deal art theft!

fragile by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

7. Where do you get inspiration? Do you take it from artists you treasure, from stories and/or your own life?

I take a little from everything and everyone.

Yes, I have a few artists and friends I treasure, and I take a little something from there.
I also take a little something our from stories, songs, movies. But life is what puts the most influence into my works.

frozen tears by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

8. Do you have a train-of-thought when developing a new work? Could you share it with our readers?

 It happens just like this: sometimes I get across stock I instantly see it in a work, sometimes I watch a movie and I imagine a work. Sometimes I listen to a song, and a particular lyric or the whole song makes me think of a scene... Or sometimes I just feel something and I need express it using digital art...
In either of the cases, I always search for stock before developing the whole idea. Because I hate it when it’s impossible to find something I really need and I need to alter my idea.
It goes like this: idea, seeking stock – sometimes modifying the idea depending on the stock found, and then – creating.
One thing I always follow is creating the background first. Because the background sometimes gets created from 5 images.
And I feel more secure and safe with my work when I see the background finished. The model and the rest are details that blend with the background...

Lucifer by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

9. And when that train suddenly stops? What do you do?

I stop and take a break. I re-listen the song (if it’s a song that inspires me), I try to remember the movie scene, I listen music that I like...Sometimes I get back to work in 10 minutes, but sometimes it might take days. I never force anything because I end up with something I don’t like...

Rudolph by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

10. In thinking about the things that you have created, is there something that you hated but the public may have loved - and perhaps purchased? How do you explain this?

This is the thing I most love...
You can do something you hate and come across someone who may simply love it!
And that’s because we are different and we understand and see differently art.

And yes, it happened many times. And some of the thoughts that people shared made me change my vision about the work...Not necessarily love it, but at least like it more...

Hurt by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Ashes by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Empress by =ImaginaryRosse on deviantART

Let me know your thoughts about this inner-view in the comments box and if you loved Andrea's work go show her some love, ok?

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