Monday, 16 April 2012

breathing #8 [I lace you]

I know you hate Mondays, but I love them! It's the day of the Moon, my favourite luminary. I usually call myself as Luna, that means Moon is Spanish. However, that's not the only reason I prefer Mondays to Fridays or Saturdays.

As each day is a new fresh start, Mondays symbolizes a clean week where we can accomplish all our goals. Monday is energy. You're replenished from the weekend and you need to have your mind settled for the next five days. You'll not be as powerful as you are today, even if you can't feel it. That's why you need to feel inspired.

I'me here to wake you up and make you see the wonders of your life and how easy it is to put your hands to work and your hearts to love (yes, we can have more than one). Let's start!


  On the wonderful blog this is glamorous I read a long, but beautiful and invigorating article about lace (one of my favourite fabrics, along with silk and velvet). Make sure you read it too, don't be scared by the length of it as once you start to read you only want to know more and more. [Who is the girl who doesn't like lace? Lace is intricate, sweet, beautiful, delicate and sexy just like us.]

If you're looking for great typography, you'll find it on Peter Hammarstrand's Behance Portfolio with 100 // Great things come out of boredom. Thank me later. 

Did I changed your views about Monday? Tell me about it in the comments box.


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