Thursday, 19 April 2012

eco design #5 [food for beauty]

My dear dreamers,

Sorry! This post is one day late, but it's here. And I'm warning this will be a passionate, all-embracing post with some strong opinions. Stop here if you don't want to be challenged.

Yesterday I just met buses and trains to safely arrive at my hometown. Viana do Castelo is known by its beauty, landscapes and hospitality. Its motto is: Who likes it comes, who loves it stays.

But why am I talking about this? Because our hometown is always in our hearts, that's where we mold our first memories, it's there that we lay our first moments of happiness. Did you know that happiness is sustainable?

You should know by now that money doesn't bring happiness or either it helps so (as many claims). Currency just makes you want more and more You're always unsatisfied with what you have. You always want what others own. Is that healthy? Is that good for you? I don't think so.

I'm not a materialistic girl for sure. Yes I have my collection of cosmetics + accessories, but I barely use them. I don't need them to feel pretty. When they say that cosmetics doesn't make you beautiful they're telling the true, they just enhance the features you already have. Do you know what really makes you beautiful? What makes you feel in peace/good with yourself? Is not only self-esteem. It's food. Yes, food!


When you read the labels of this or that cream, or in a lipstick, shadow or blush what do you look for? Vitamins, right? And you can see that most of the DIY tutorials are made with them (> food). We're so obsessed by this, but then we forget to eat correctly. Doesn't it seem non-sense to you? (And that thing of having a natural look with make-up, are you talking seriously?)

One thing I learned with my new diet is that an healthy meal makes wonders to your body. Your skin will look brighter, you'll don't have that much acne (at least the most part of the month), your hair will be shinier...

I'm sure you know we must eat vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of water, etc. But I'll show you what is the effect on your body of each nutrient. Follow me: 

However you don't want to eat that kind of food full of pesticides and other venoms that damage your skin.  And your body. You'll want sustainable food, that was born by passionated, caring and patient hands. More about this in the next eco post.

Are your meals green and yet colourful?

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