Monday, 21 January 2013

here and there #10 [here comes the sun]

My dream readers,

I feel lucky today. I see an opportunity in every corner. I have a new idea at every step of the way. I'll try every and each one of it and if I fail, I'll learn something, I'll change something, I'll achieve something.

Today I wanted to talk to you about Goedzak, but I'll have to pass it on to another post. I'm only craving to enjoy this feeling and transfer it to you. Sense this joy. Sight, smell, hear, taste, touch, embrace it. Make it your breathing.

Try something new today. Make a new mistake today. Learn a bit more of yourself today. (And tell me the results later.)

Have a great day,

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

eco design #8 [more water please]

via uc berkley

When we think about garbage, we think about plastic waste. We produce, as a world nation, about one hundred million tons of it every year! And a big part of it comes from water bottles.

Jesse Leeworthy, a product designer, created a sustainable device, Ishke, that replaces plastic bottles with stainless ones. They also have RFID tags that permits cashless payments and to control the bottle specifications as well the user's preferences. For those who doesn't know what RFID means, here's a tip: Radio Frequency IDentification.

All images via yanko design.

It's worthy to check Jesse's website and look for his other products, like the sustainable light or the coffee trailer.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

here and there #9 [365]

My dear dreamers,

I made no resolutions for this year but I want to start new projects and finish old ones. Today, at beautiful mess, I found the 365 Project.

It seems boring to do the same thing everyday for a year, but it's also challenging and gives you the opportunity to develop a skill. I was thinking how could I participate in this and yoga is my answer. It's something I love to do but rarely have the chance to practice. With this project I hope to learn new poses, be more flexible and strong. This will be my healthy year.

As a fan of lists, here are a couple of poses I'd like to accomplish.




parsva bakasana

Credits: All images by yoga journal.

What are your 2013 projects?


here and there #8 [change the question]
here and there #7 [good morning]
here and there #6 [pieces of pieces]

Monday, 14 January 2013

here and there #8 [change the question]

My dear dreamers,

via makermasters

Long break, huh? I'm writing you for the first time of this year because... it just didn't happen sooner.

But tonight I had a really weird experience. Having a dream in the third person. I was just a voyeur. I didn't know any of the characters of my dream. It was like a film. A good one, because it taught me a lesson.

And I'm sharing this with you because yesterday I received a one of a kind feedback. Some months ago I started a new project: Rules of Being Creative. It's not finished yet, but you can take a look at it here.

Rules of Being Creative is a study of my own methods in delivering a message. When I'm finished, I think it will be worthy a semantic study as well (maybe I'll write a book about it, one more to the pile).

Rule #1 is to break your own rules. But someone asked me: Why make rules if you're going to break them? It seems a suitable question, right? But then, why live if you're going to die?

Maybe rules aren't the right word. Or maybe we should change our way of thinking. Creativity has no rules, and yet could have an infinity of steps to follow.

What is creativity? I'll not search for a Wikipedia definition or look into a dictionary. Would they really answer me? I prefer to look inside. Creativity is the association of ideas. Mere thought. And where do ideas come from? It can be from movies, books, experiences. But maybe, just maybe, the most powerful are the ones we decompose, the ones we break and reconstruct. Lego is a perfect metaphor in what regards to the brain. It not only picks fragmented pieces (redundant or maybe not) of reality but it also combines them to create new worlds.

We evolve. We're not the same as we were yesterday and certainly our life tomorrow will be a bit different than it is today. And rules will follow. Or else slavery and death penalty would still exist, homosexuals will never marry and women will never be considered entirely equal to men.

We need to change the question. Why follow rules if we don't challenge them?


here and there #7 [good morning]
here and there #6 [pieces of pieces]
here and there #5 [she is me]

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