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inner-view #5 [living the dream]


We're heading to United States of America, Los Angeles, with Helen Huang. She currently works at an ad agency, but that wasn't the path she initially chose. To know all about her journey, continue reading!

Sun Flower by *CQcat on deviantART

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What was your biggest conquest? What is your most treasured dream?

I am Helen Huang aka CQcat. I grew up in China and moved to the US after graduating from college. I work full time at an interactive advertising agency and I am also a freelance illustrator. My biggest conquest was to jump from legal field to creative field. It was not easy and I am glad I ended up where my passion lead me to. My most treasured dream is to stay inspired and influence people in a positive way with my art.

Rebirth by *CQcat on deviantART

2. You moved from China to USA and left laws to embrace digital media. How these events influenced your creativity?

I believe all life experience enriches us and gives us perspective. It took me a long time and great effort to get to where I am today. I feel blessed that I get up everyday to do the things I love. But all the things that happened in my life made me treasure more of what I have now. And they keep reminding me of what’s more important for me in life. They help me stay focused and productive.

Fall by *CQcat on deviantART

3. When we look to your gallery we see that only girls are portrayed. Is it for any reason in particular?

I only draw guys for clients’ work. For all my personal artwork, I focus on girls because I love women’s fashion and my art is my canvas to express and experiment. And my girls are also reflections of my inner self.

Happiness in a Cup by *CQcat on deviantART

4. I also sense a great power in their hairs, they are all different: from styles to colours. You did it in intentionally? What’s their role in your artworks?

Hair sometimes indicates mood in my work. Different styles and colors enhance the feeling I am trying to express. You can always tell the tone and mood by the hair in my artwork.

Alice In Wonderland by *CQcat on deviantART

5. What is the biggest challenge when working in an ad agency?

The biggest challenge working on the creative side is to make your clients fall in love with your creative solutions. It requires great communication skills and strategies to make clients see your point of view and agree with you.

Fashion 1 by *CQcat on deviantART

6. Do you work better when calmed or stressed? How the other way around affects your works?

I am a person who is organized and plans things ahead of time. So I prefer working when I am calm and relaxed. Most of my works were done in this state of mind. But sometimes, not always, pressure can be a good thing. I’ve experienced some extra push on creativity when I had pressure in the past. So I appreciate both ways and hope to keep a balance.

Pirate by *CQcat on deviantART

7. Who do you define as visionary? Why?

Steve Jobs. Because of his vision, we can now enjoy a lot of great products that were crazy to even think about 15 years ago. I admire people with creativity and mostly originality.

Aviation by *CQcat on deviantART

8. How do you think advertising influences the way we shop?

Advertising influences our shopping at a great level. It finds what people want, not even what they need and uses that as a selling point. When we see the ad, we feel that owning that product can improve our life or enhance the family value we treasure. Sometimes we see seasonal ads, like jewelry advertising during holiday season or before Mother’s Day. So in a way, advertising not only make you want things, it can also influence on the timing.

Love Me Love Me Not by *CQcat on deviantART

9. What’s your biggest inspiration?

Everything beautiful in our daily life can be my inspiration. I interpret the world my way with my art. So I guess my biggest inspiration is life itself.

Dreamcatcher by *CQcat on deviantART

10. What were the most inspiring words you have ever received?

I have received many inspiring words from many people over the years. They all mean a lot to me and I don’t want to define the most inspiring. It is wonderful to know my art has positive impact on a lot of people. And it is very rewarding to receive words from some younger fans saying they wish to grow up and become an artist like me.

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