Tuesday, 6 December 2011

be my guest #1 [all the possibilities]

Have you ever given up on your favourite dress or music because you felt like it was too young for you or off season for you or just doesn't fit in with the place etc.? Sometimes, we forget how much we take into consideration our age, season, region, gender etc. while making decisions about what to wear or what kind of music to listen to. Sometimes, I wonder how much rules like these can lower the creative potential of a person and narrow down the possibilities of new ways of thinking. Recently I came across an article on WWD on Estee Lauder Group President John Demsey that highlighted his ability to translate his knowledge of pop culture into sales, which according to industry sources is estimated to have a global wholesale volume of more than $1.5 billion. While many might see tuning into the world of pop culture as a teenager's domain and don't want to be associated with it, Demsey takes it as a compliment and uses it along with his number crunching side of the brain to drive the business of one of the most well known brands in the world. He is an inspiration to all the people who question if something is too young or odd for us. Let's look at some of the rules or views that I have come across that I think can limit our creative possibilities.

Men in Color: I am sure you have seen many bloggers compare Prabal Gurung's black leather fair isle jacket from Junya Watanabe that he wore to Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York to a similar one that Justin Beiber wore in red. The former came off as cool and edgy wearing the beautiful varsity jacket in black while the latter was deemed uncool for his overly festive look. While I agree that Prabal Gurung looked cooler and edgier, I think Justin's look has potential and could be turned into something cooler and edgier with some creative changes to his ensemble. May be a cooler and edgier pant or an interesting hairstyle would have worked? I have seen men I know complain about the limited color selection when it comes to men's fashion so why not praise Justin for adopting a bolder color and suggest something to turn his look into something edgier or cooler? Do you agree? Also, take a look at the picture below of Loreza Martone in a touch of purple at Lady Gaga's Workshop event. What do you think of his outfit?

Flowers, dresses and colors for cooler weather: People usually associate flowers, dresses and colors with summer or spring than fall or winter but why not break that rule and be different. In the below picture you see Pamela Love wear a beautiful flower dress in yellow to lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York and she looks wonderful. When layered, dresses can be easily worn in almost any weather. Micheal Kors's recent tips for winter dressing included using color as an alternative to brighten up a gray winter day. Would you wear a colorful floral dress in winter?

30 Plus Fashion: Another rule is what and what not a 30+ year old should wear. Just take a look at the first article below. The article makes it look like varsity jackets or anything athletic pieces with lots of cool geometry is meant for women under 30s and that 30 plus year olds should stick to mostly clean classics. Do you agree with this? Below is also a collage of pictures with older actresses and models in shorter dresses which people usually associate with the below 30 crowd. Do you think these dresses are appropriate for someone over 30?

Harper’s Bazaar UK Cover Shot. December 2011

I think too many rules can block creativity and dull out the creative child inside of us, which we all need to motivate, challenge and uncover the limitless creative possibilities of our right brain. I think it's always good to keep an open mind and look out for fresh possibilities if we want to stay creative and lively. The only rule that I would like to keep in mind when it comes to fashion, music or art is the beautiful quote by Chanel: A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous. I think we should take a look at things through rose colored glasses and open up to possibilities. Do you agree? Do you let age, gender, region or season dull out your creativity when it comes to fashion or music? Would love to hear your thoughtful and creative views.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
~ Coco Chanel

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BEAUTYINC, The Business of Beauty, an issue of  Women's Wear Daily

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