Friday, 30 December 2011

inner-view #7 [the world in a pencil]


I've been away for one whole week without warning. Sorry for that. But I've some news, just wait for the new year and I'll tell you.

From one inner-view to another, today I present you Canerator: a pencil artist from Turkey. Let's see what he has to tell us:

mavi kapak by ~canerator on deviantART

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What was your biggest conquest? Which dreams do you want to become true?

In my graduation ceremony, one of my short animation movie showed. I watched people while they are watching my movie. They were all enjoying and that was great for me. This was a nice conquest that I can remember now. My dream is earning money whith all these funny things.  

RANT-ART-ICA by ~canerator on deviantART

2. How did you start drawing? It was something that was born with you?
Yes it is about borning. My dad and mom good at drawing too. When I was a little child I was drawing my first arts to the home’s walls. Than my parents bought a drawing notebook to me. Than my journey started. 

Deleted image by ~canerator on deviantART

3. You do collaborations with other artists, like picking a song and start drawing without knowing each other’s works. What do you think about that work’s process? Do you think that’s a good away to get creative?

That’s a good way for having good time with friends. Getting creative hasn’t got a way like this. Having a creative idea likes having an accident. It comes suddenly and you do it. Working more and more makes the art more effective but not more creative. 

life is life by ~canerator on deviantART

4. In your opinion, there’s any limitation to creativity? Name a few.

There is only one limitation for that. “Dreams”. If you aren’t a good dreamer it is difficult to make good art. Dreaming must start in small ages than the dreamer always lives as a child. 

creation of fire by ~canerator on deviantART

5. If your creative works had an odour, what do you think they would smell like?

I use everything in my arts. There are some works which has rubbishes or shit in them too. I don’t want to think how would these works smell. But they are exceptions. I usually like to use nature. Especially sea and rain. Our body full with water maybe this is the cause I don’t know, but using water feels more affective to me. Did you smell the earth after the rain? My works would smell like this. 

Moon Rise In Station by ~canerator on deviantART

6. Where does your inspiration come from?

From other arts. The biggest art is the space that we live in. All the nature is an art. Sometimes a cloud, sometimes the sea, or a song that I liked can make me inspired. 

Baloon trip by ~canerator on deviantART

7. Did you ever have trouble in drawing perfectly something you’ve imagined? What did you do to overcome that?

When I was a little child I was trying to draw my favourite cartoon characters. There were a lot because I was living with TV. When I couldn’t draw I was starting to cry than my mother was helping me. But now I grow up, she is older and away from me. I can not feel the same things now. I dream and I draw only the things that I can do. Being older makes the dreams smaller. 

Johnny Depp by ~canerator on deviantART

8. How do you deal with creativity blocks?

Attacking is the best way for deffending. The blocks make me more ambitious. But if I can not find any way for attacking some breaks would help me. 

sold sentences by ~canerator on deviantART

9. Are you more creative when you’re happy or when you’re angry?

Being happy or exciting helps me for creating. I like to make people happy with my art. It is one of the biggest fun in life. Being angry can help m efor fighting maybe J. 

h1n1- vulture's day by ~canerator on deviantART

10. How do you want to be remembered?

As how I am. Not more or less than me. I can’t be objective for explaining myself, but now you can see and you will remember something about me, as how I am.

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