Wednesday, 14 December 2011

[be my friend]

[via postcrossing]

Sorry, my dear readers. Today we'll not have a post about eco design. Last week I was ill and couldn't write anything for the blog, lucky you that all other week posts were already written.

But I can tell you about a cool blog that I've found, well two blogs: Flood of Memories and Penpal of The Week. You guessed it, they're both about getting penpals. I love the idea!

I think snailmail is much better than the electronic one. You can practice your handwriting, receive one treat or another and you have more time to think of what you're saying. It's also more intimal and who doesn't like to open the mailbox and see other thing rather than bills?

I would love to have friends all over the world and learn their culture and languages. How about you?

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