Saturday, 30 October 2010

be my dream

I have a dream. My dream is to study Design in London, @ Goldsmiths College and obtain the Master's degree. So I'm making this dream come true.

My course has an annual fee of £3,960 and the cost of living in UK is £8,000 per year. That's why I need to be prepared in advance and making use of what I learned this past 4 years: I'm selling wallpapers, photo-manipulations and other sort of graphic design (you can see all my skills on the left side of the page).

You can choose how to buy them: by paypal, giving a donation, at my dA page or on fiverr (see my gigs on the right side of the page). My works can always be personalised, just ask!

Share your ideas, comments, critiques and thoughts, they're very welcome.

See you next time! <3

I'm not quitting my dream, I'm just following another path to reach it. I'll stay in Portugal for now and do my best around here.

This blog will continue with my works, so if you want something contact me. I'll start doing some freebies too, stay tuned!

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