Friday, 21 December 2012

breathing #15 [what's your excuse?]

My dear dreamers,

I was searching for something inspiring. Something that would blow my mind away in a heartbeat. And I finally found it through the work of Janet Echelman.

I didn't know her until today, but I saw her work everyday I took a walk by the sea in the city I'm currently living in: Porto. Without knowing it. Today I discovered a little bit more about where I live. About its story. Today I feel connected with someone would also had been rejected, but found her way in the end. Which is successful and hadn't afraid of believing in herself. Who brings a little bit of joy and beauty to the urban place. A little bit of colour. A little bit of ancient. A little bit of life.

Be amazed by her sculptures:

She Changes @Porto, Portugal (2005)

The Expanding Club, @New York City, New York (2007)

Roadside Shrine I: Cone Ridge @ Houston, Texas (2000)

Target Swooping II @Burgos, Spain (2001)

Her Secret Is Patience @Phoenix, Arizona (2009)
Target Swooping Down... Bullseye! @Madrid, Spain (2001)
I leave you with her story.

So, what's your excuse?


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