Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bunny times

Florbela Espanca, via barcos em temporais

Maybe you don't know Florbela Espanca. She was one of the greatest female poets of all times. A friend of mine called her the Queen of Sonnets and that's so true.

One day she wrote: "Não costumo acreditar muito nos sonhos... porque de todos se acorda". In English is something like this: "I usually don't believe much in dreams... because from them all we wake up". Sometimes we have day dreams, some look very real, but in the end they're nothing. But who doesn't like to dream?

I'm saying all this because the news I was going to share with you no longer exists. It's not a good news, but I think isn't too bad either.

I can't give you sweet almonds or yummy chocolate eggs, but i can send you a hug and wish you a delicious Easter and promise you that designing dreams will return to its regular posts. Yay!


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