Saturday, 6 August 2011

i like it the medieval way

I like them epic and medieval. But not only.

Nowadays we're used to see a lot of special effects on films, some of them are so obvious that makes me sick. But HBO came with a great production (as far as I've seen) with Game of Thrones. And if you don't believe in me you should watch this "behind the scenes" of the series' first season. 

The series are based in a book (A Game of Thrones) from George R. R. Martin, a cute old man that seemed to come out of a book and a recognized author between fantasy readers. I never read a book from him; to tell the truth I've only read three or four fantasy books. But I liked them though.

Game of Thrones were nominated for 13 Emmy Awards (!) including Outstanding Costumes for a Series (I love when they are faithful to the epoch, medieval clothes are so perfect!) and Special Visual Effects, of course.

How good is that music?

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