Saturday, 22 October 2011


I was talking with Barbara from Momographica when this idea hit me. I never showed you where I come from and I know most of you don't know how Portugal look like. And it's a shame because I live in a such a beautiful country. I also offer you the challenge to do the same and share the wonders of your own country. ;)

This is Portugal:

Lisbon/Lisboa, the capital city (the music is a Fado from Carlos Carmo and it's called "Lisboa, menina e moça"):

Now the city I'm currently living in, Oporto/Porto (music from GNR, "A pronúncia do Norte"):

And my hometown, Viana do Castelo:

So, where will you go on your next vacations? I'll be at Viana do Castelo next week! :D

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