Wednesday, 30 October 2013

the C to your G

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This one is about chances. But also certainties. This one is for tears of joy - that kind of happiness you can feel; but hard to share with anyone else. Even with your other side of the moon.

This one is about epiphanies. Eurekas. Peripeteia? Rareness and moments. Knowing it because you're feeling it. Definitely about strikes. But not pain. Certainly not death (being it our darkest certainty, it should be about death). It's about contradictions. Seeing your dreams a feet away, running towards them and still be fearful about how will you cross the line. You aren't sure how to give the next step. Damn, you don't even know where your foot is! But you know that step will be taken.

You also know everything will be just fine (that scares you). You used to believe it, trying to convince yourself. But now you KNOW. And no one, I mean no one (including yourself), can take that from you.

Today is about mixed feelings. And trying to take some logic out of it. Seems stupid. Feels stupid. (I'm an emotional being, no space for reason...) Today is about letting go and embrace whatever appears. Not so much of courage, but neither fear. Today is about intertwining body, mind and heart into my life. Believing and knowing and feeling like all of them were the same thing. Because they are, right now.

Today is about loving, like you had never loved before.Reality in one pixel only. That kind of love. About repetitions. Words. Repeated words. Loop images. Looping thoughts. Written words. Re-read words. Ideas going around and around the same boxy brain. Meeting the same neurons over and over without being totally uncreative.

Today is about living and knowing your life is perfect, that I'm perfect (in this seductive, imperfect, make-it-better way).

Today...I would not change a thing.

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