Wednesday, 6 November 2013

here and there #13 [under the pink or the cornflake girl]

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Looking at the universe and I see everything and anything at all. I see all the lives, all those deaths. All those inevitable deaths. The hundred ones that are happening right now. The million ones that already did. And the infinite ones that are still yet to come.

And I'm watching all these babies that are born and the ones that are still only a dream. And I see all these dreams, this willing of making it happen. This sense that life needs to have a meaning and people always searching for it.

And I see it as music, a never-ending song talking about tragedies and fairy-tales, and crimes, and brokenness and solitude, and companionship and love, and hope, and happiness and everything in between.

And I am so sure: it will be written on the stars. All these beautiful, somewhat bitter-sweet stories. These stories I'd like to learn and live and feel and pass on along.

Taking part of this you imagine how lucky you are? The universe gave you the lottery ticket for you to spend it just the way it pleases you. You're among the elite. Everyone is like you. You're like everyone else. And yet, we're snowflakes.

The universe, we'll never leave it. I wonder where I'll be. In a flower. In someone's heart? Pure sunlight. The breath of the wind. The shadow of the moon. In a smile...

My wonderlife will be about enjoying all these little moments. Good. Bad. Not so good and not so bad. And make of them the best they'll possibly be.

My song has to end someday, I want it to be beautiful, to make people cry and laugh at the same time, to inspire them and bring something good to their hearts. Something they can pass along as well.

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