Tuesday, 19 November 2013

[here and there #14] closed worlds

At this time you already know how I feel about labels. And for me, feminism is a label like any other. Yes, feminism, that F-word that makes people either scared, roll her eyes, fight or just run away from it.

Nowadays there's no point being one. Well, at least, on developed countries. No, developed isn't the right expression. In a world where women are educated enough to know their value, feminism has no place. Because we see ourselves as equal to men. But wait, do men see women as equal? And do we really behave like equals? Don't we still give different toys to boy and girls? Don't we have different responsabilities at our homes, jobs and social lives?

Now, I'm not so sure where I stand. Yes, we need to embrace our differences, because there are differences. But yes, we also need to find our place here. We still live in a men's world. Being a woman doesn't mean to be weak or soft or caring. Being a man doesn't mean to be strong, careless, or cold-hearted. Every human needs affection.

I also see many VIP people saying they aren't feminists, but humanists. It's like they're afraid of the word, or the negativity implied (which one, I ignore). However, that's changing one label to another, where the price is the same. It only changes the colour.

The thing is, and I repeat: I don't like labels, I believe that it promotes some kind of war of genders but I know we must do something about how women are portrayed, viewed (and how they see themselves), behaved and how society reacts to them. Again, is not the word used, is not how it was branded, and it's not our actions in behalf of it. It is our own close-minded views, what we consider normal and our unconscious life.

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