Monday, 23 December 2013

arsenic ratio

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Recently, I was aware that, in England, there is a model agency for ugly people. Or, as others say: for people who doesn't fit in the actual beauty standards. Say that again?

Ok, there are beauty standards. Ok, there are people who doesn't make part of it. Ok, those people should have the same opportunities. But are they ugly?

Because what they are saying is that beautiful people need to be: white, tall, thin. At least. If you don't suit this description, sorry you're ugly. And that makes almost all of us.

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Aesthetics is a very biased subject, it depends on culture, environment and...taste. The globalisation phenomenon had an important role on our sense of beauty. And instead of bringing us together, it is torning us apart. Now, instead of a myriad of beauty archetypes we have only one, no matter the place you live, or your traditions. Or even your values. Well, unless you live somewhere without any kind of media. But if you were, you wouldn't be reading this.

Being different is unpleasant, it is uncomfortable and it's...ugly. Don't you dare hurt other people's eyes with your unique look (or personality for that matter)!

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My perception of beauty isn't perfection, it is disharmony. Those details that don't quite belong there. Perfection bores me, it tires my eyes. It makes me... itchy.

Beauty is made by comparison, you versus me. By genetics: I'm part of this group and you deserve to make part of it as well. If you are made of gold, you'll belong to the stars. Any other metal and you'll see the dark side of the world.

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{What's your side of beauty?}

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