Monday, 31 January 2011

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A graffiti by Banksy, via Cocomale

I just finished watching Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film I thought it was about Banksy. I was so wrong.

Banksy is one of my idols for sure. He sees art, politics and our everyday life from a very creative and singular perspective. He's a genius to me.

Back to the film: if you enjoy street art (or just art) you really have to find the time to watch it. It gives us a valuable lesson and makes us think how we see art and how we choose who is good and who is not. What's the big difference, can you tell? I don't...

Number 8 by Jackson Pollock, via ibiblio

Look to Pollock's paints, anyone would pay millions to have an original at his home. Well, not me. I see non-sense and no technique in the so-called action painting, it's just...nice. Or the 4'33'' by John Cage: I would be outraged if I payed for a concert where I only listened what was around me. Was his intention to make us be aware of what's happening around us and not being so selfish or materialistic? There are better ways to do that...

What is art to you?

P.S. Yesterday I tried to do the latte art, as I promised. And then I realized it's a difficult technique to master so I didn't take any pictures. I'll try harder next time, I promise.

And don't forget to watch the trailer, it's a masterpiece too:

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