Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Maybe you don't know him, but this guy gave me the good-night's every single night when I was a child. He was born with the intention to put kids at bet earlier, like 9 o'clock. Believe it or not, we all obeyed him.

He has 25 years now, so Google - Portugal decided to celebrate it:


He was an icon for the 80's generation and is still in our minds and hearts, we miss him.  See what I'm talking about:

Isn't he cute? And the story is funny and full of magic. I would love to go to bed like that.

But I have my own story about Vitinho. When I was little I thought every television in the world was different. I never caught the same program in my television and in my grandfather's or friends tv.

Until one day, my parents put a black and white television in my bedroom. My tv and the living room's one were both turned on in the same channel. Vitinho was saying the goodnight's. I was perplexed. I looked to one and the other. One time, two times, three times. I couldn't believe it! So I said out loud to my family: I'm watching the same thing in the two televisions! I was very admired and thought that it was some kind of magic and then I realized that there was no difference between televisions.

I love to tell this story because I find it funny and reminds me how I looked to the world back then. I don't want to loose that innocence.

Me with my favourite doll


Tereza Anton said...

This is so cute :)
And the photo of you is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. :D

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