Monday, 7 February 2011

design - what's that?

For me design is the best creative way to solve a problem by technical means. It could be a draw, an action, an object, etc. Usually has an aesthetically appearance: the best design is simple, easy, beautiful and, preferably, sustainable.

Today I'll show you some paper projects that should come to life:

Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights

Traffic lights via Yanko Design

These were designed by Thanva Tivawong and he has three other designs related to traffic that really facilitates our lives.

Easylock Handle
With the Easylock handle, consumers use the same hand to fold and close a folding door. Featuring a clean design, its on-off button shape suggests technological elements, bringing added value to the brand's folding doors. (FastCo Design)
Designed by NóDesign (São Paulo, Brazil), via FastCo Design
This project received the 2010's IDEA silver award.

Still One
Inspired by the concept of "less is more," the Still One faucet features brief lines and simplicity, integrating practicality and elegance. The valve is made of stainless steel, extending the faucet's lifespan, while the faucet is made of lead-free brass or stainless steel, both of which meet standards to ensure the safety of drinking water. (FastCo Design)
Designed by Justime Design Team of Shengtai Brassware Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), via FastCo Design
This project received also the 2010's IDEA silver award.

Share with me your favourite design projects in the comments. It will be much appreciated. :)


Tereza Anton said...

Love the last design. I have something like that at the kitchen sink.

Anonymous said...

You have? So lucky!

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