Tuesday, 15 February 2011

hot data

Fancy Drinks by Fabio Rex (Brasil), via Visual News

For those who don't know what an infographic is, I'll explain:

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data and/or knowledge arranged in a chart form. Usually the information contained in an infographic is complex, but the reader reads it in a quickly and clearly way. The infographic may result from a combination of photography, drawing and text.

In an infographic there's no subjectivity, because we are transforming "cold data" (quantifiable data), as Alberto Cairo name it, into "visual data". See some cool examples:

Periodic Table of Typefaces, via Six Revisions
Cloning, via Daily Infographic

The Most Polluted Places in the World, via Daily Infographic
As you can see, infography can be used in a lot of places: newspapers, statistics, manuals, product design, etc.

What's your favourite data?


Tereza Anton said...

Love the first image.

Anonymous said...

The best thing is that it's useful and our drinks become much better. :D

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