Thursday, 3 February 2011

Waxing love

wax seal by ~never-think, via dA

I wish letters would be closed with wax seals again. They're beautiful and special. But even letters are being forgotten. Very few cares about handwriting or calligraphy. But in my world they will exist forever.

The last love letter by Raquel Laranjo, via dA

Wax seals exists forever (since Mesopotamia!) and were used as a label and as a symbol of authenticity, as we use brands nowadays. But they're associated, most of the time, with the Medieval Age (which I adore). Why's that? explains:

In Medieval Times, betrothals were prearranged-therefore true words of love were secretly written and the envelope's contents secured by a wax seal, so that the recipient could be assured that their passion would be unknown to others.

Love and danger are the perfect couple. They were chanted, books were written, movies were made, paintings have been created. It's difficult to take that from our minds.

Now some tutorials about wax seal and calligraphy to show your romantic side. Valentine is coming!


Catarina Silva said...

também é coisa que acho mesmo bonita :) e apesar, de mais prático, receber uma carta é tão mais especial do que receber um e-mail :)

beijinho, queenwithoutacrown

Anonymous said...

Obrigada Catarina, pelo teu comentário.

Também acho, pena não termos tempo para nos demorarmos mais sobre as coisas.

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