Friday, 11 February 2011


"Heyyyyyy!.... My friends, can't you go find problems to other place?"
Letra #589 (Portugal), via Webcedário

Webcedário is a Portuguese cartoon blog that plays with letters and fonts, giving them a sense of humor. I'll put here the ones I love the most and translate them so you can laugh too.

"I am italic and you? We're from Pisa, in Italy."
Letra #577 (Portugal), via Webcedário

"Sorry... Which way is the queue?"
Letra #565 (Portugal), via Webcedário

Letra #561 (Portugal), via Webcedário

Hope you like it, please share your comments!


Tereza Anton said...

This is really funny.
Smart post :)

maçã said...

muito engraçado! eheh :) *

Anonymous said...

Thank you both. I thought it too, I just wanted them to post more often!

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