Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Acid work

Do you remember sweet? 3 months passed since then, but I didn't forgot my project of creating a series of flavours. Today I present you Acid, among other two works I did this week.

One of them is Synaesthesia. I think I never told you about this neuropathology before, but I've been obsessed by this for the last 3 years because it's such a different way to see the world. It seems a good disease to me (if that exists) because we can relate it to design and creativity. My master's thesis will focus on this for sure.

Synaesthesia can be explain as a mix of senses ( a linkage really), in a sort of way. We use just the eyes to see, only the ears to hear, and the hands to touch, and so on. But people with this pathology can use eyes to hear or ears to see. They associate colours to letters and numbers, or even music notes! That doesn't sound amazing?

We use synaesthesia very often in our lives too, specially when we write. When you say 'what a sweet sound' or 'I'm feeling blue' you're being synaesthetic.

The last one is about my love about design.

I hope you've enjoyed them!

P.S Some of these works are available for print on DeviantArt.

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