Monday, 30 May 2011

Back to the future

Hello sweeties!

Today I made another step toward my dream of working as a graphic designer. I applied for the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects and I can't wait to get the response.

June, 15th will be a hell of a day or a paradise of a day (hopefully the second one): I'll receive the keys of my new home (yay!) and also the confirmation, or not (but that won't happen, right?), that I've entered the Master. It will be so awesome! Meeting new people, learning new things, starting new projects and developing skills... I would have so much to share with you!

But, for now I'll show you the work of a Bulgarian artist that I found recently. His name is Petya Savova, he's from Sofiya and he's a believer.

Don't forget to visit his portfolio. Enjoy!

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