Thursday, 24 November 2011

changing is good

Wood Plank Wine Rack by Claire [via Camille Styles]

So, designing dreams is facing some changes. I want this blog to have a more professional look and to be more organized. To gain more readers too, it really needs that. To achieve this objectives, I created #10 category posts, each one attributed to a specific day of the week. I know we only have 7 days a week but some of them are random, as you'll see.

Let me introduce you to the new designing dreams' posts. If you'd like to see other kind of posts let me know and I'll find a way to include them as well:

Since Mondays are the first day of work, and we feel lazy (so lazy), I'll give you a push with some inspirational images, videos and/or quotes to make you feel better. It will be the day of breathing. Wanna breath with me?

  Featuring will happen at Tuesdays. In this day I'll present you works of artists I admire. It could be fashion, packaging design, illustration or any other work of art. Nothing new, right?

You know I care about this world and that I feel that design should be sustainable. That's why eco design will bright your Wednesdays. I'll give you tips about sustainable objects and how you can save the world through design. Go green with me!

And here come Thursdays! I bet you're already thinking of the weekend so I'll go easy on you, so easy that you'll have the word. I took the idea from Reader Appreciation Monday by Profresh Style. The thing is: you e-mail me your suggestions and I feature them in my blog and of course I'll give you the credit. This one will be called knock on my door. But since my blog has still a few readers, Thursdays needs a double post. That's when trial and error comes. A selection of tutorials regarding Photoshop and Illustrator. Are you excited about this?

And at Fridays... my treasured inner-view! Why? Because I get to know the work "behind-the-scenes" and the artists themselves. It's pretty cool!

Now we get to the weekend. Finally! I'll post on weekends as well. Yeah, with me there's no rest. But since I like to have time for myself and my loved ones weekends will be full of random posts (the here and there): stuff I think it's funny or anything like that. Sometimes I'll post about nature as well (named as by nature). It's a great passion of mine so you'll have to deal with it. ;)

Love works was created so I can post my own works and build a portfolio in my own blog, whenever I'll have a new work it will be posted. No matter the day of the week.

Once a month I would love to have a guest post (be my guest). Don't know if anyone will be interest, though. Will see.

What do you think about these changes?

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