Monday, 8 October 2012

breathing #10 [i love my body]

My dear dreamers,


Monday is finally here to give you some inspiration. But today I want you to take a deep breath and continuing to read this post if you have a strong stomach. October, 8th is all about eating disorder.

This is a subject I often struggle about, I don't quite comprehend it yet. I always had problems with my weight, I've never be thin. Even at my best (and called ideal) weight I always had this bits of fatness that doesn't make me feel perfectly comfortable with my body (anyway, I still love it). But I never starved or induced vomiting. I exercise but never at the point of having no more energy at all. I'm not criticizing anyone, no one gets hill because they want to. However, I'd like to understand how someone reach that point. Because it's a kind of suicide. And I don't understand suicide either.

When I see pictures of ANA and MIA (acronyms for Anorexia and Bulimia) and the comments people leave at them, I feel ashamed of this society. They often say: "Oh! So beautiful!" but how can a disease, that leads you to death!, be beautiful? How an healthy person can desire to be only skin and bones? How this society is so wrecked?

Take vanishing from Laura, that I used to illustrate this post, as an example. How do you interpret this image? Does Laura wanted to show a romantic scene? Or does she wants to tell you than anorexia is anything but pain?

Thr background sets the mood: it's neither black (grief) or white (peace). It's grey. And grey is nostalgia  loss, depression. You can see that boy and girl are both sad. He's comforting her, but almost afraid to touch her fragile body. Notice that he's dressed and she's not. She exposes her body to the fierce nature, fighting and subsiding at the same time. Yelling for someone to support her. For me, this shows unconditional love. Being there at your worst moment. Helping you facing your fears.

I'll let you compare the following photographs and decide which one deserves to be perpetuated. And, please, remember always: learn how to eat in an healthy way and don't let anybody hurt you by their "standards". Beauty comes in all forms and sizes.

The first image I'm about to show you was found in Tumblr, in a blog about skinny girls and re-passed along as something beautiful and desirable. I was in shock.

via she is so pretty

via lady 2 be fit
As I prefer brighter images, I'll end this post with how we should feel about ourselves.

via fuck yeah ashtanga yoga
via asia-asia

How is your relationship with food?

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