Saturday, 6 October 2012

eco design #6 [flitz your ass]

My dear dreamers,

This year I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible. No, I didn't find a job yet but I started a new project: I asked all my friends, teachers and colleagues to create a video about me, telling what are my most strong professional characteristics. If you think you can help me in any way, send me a message!

But I'm here today to tell you about a walking machine. I found it on Reasons for Optimism. Have you heard about Flitz? Don't try to search it on Google (I've warned you!).

Flitz it's a whole new concept of bike, where you are the machine. If you like to run and challenge yourself this is for you. Maybe it will even give you some sense of flying. Wow. Just take a look at the images and be in awe for some minutes:

// All images by Co.Exist.

What's your favourite sport? How do you challenge yourself?

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