Wednesday, 10 October 2012

love works #3 [rhapsody]

It's time to show you some of my newest works! I've been working on Flash lately, to rust off my skills and learn some new techniques. I'm also improving my CV that will be done (almost) entirely on this program. Any comments are appreciated!

This first one is in Portuguese, I made it for a job interview and it will be later integrated in my CV animation. I tried to associate colours to my personality, they are: violet for passionated (just like passion fruit), yellow for optimistic, dark blue for creative, red orange for ambitious, greyish blue for dreamer (is the colour of The Venus Project), pink for solidary, white for persistent and black for perfectionist. Click the link to see the animation.

My true colours by ~BlackLuna on deviantART

Next one is a preloader I made for the animation (click the link here too):

preloader by ~BlackLuna on deviantART

My vision of work:

Designing dreams' logo redesigned:

Dress for Less logo:

The Smile Project:

The Bike Sharing Program:

♥ What have you been doing lately?

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