Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Only when crickets are pink

Camouflaged Katydid, via EcoLibrary

This week starts with an extra-post already (this will happen a lot of times) to show you how nature, once again, is incredibly intelligent and funny.

Do you see that cricket over there? Yes, the pink one (the other one is shy). That is not a manipulation, well it is if you see mutations as a natural one. Amazing, right?

pink Katydid, via Bem Legaus. Original @ natgeotv
This is one chance in five hundred! They are usually grey or green, so I think this one is a fashion victim or something. This pink Katydid «cute name» was found at the National Preserve in Beverley Shores, Indiana.

If you want to see more visit the Photo of the Day by National Geographic TV. They are funny, clever, inspiring and colourful.

via natgeotv

«» Katydids (American English) are also known as bush-crickets (British English), from the Tettigoniidae family, like crickets.

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