Saturday, 26 March 2011


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Today is a good day, although this last ones weren't very pleasant, with my grandpa in the hospital. And it's a good day because he's at home now and it's also my birthday. I'm 27 now, but not feeling old yet.

I thought in doing some sort of wishlist, but my mind have been occupied with other things, as you can imagine. And what I really want today is to be close to my loved ones.

Anyway, I still can share some of my always-wanted-kind-of-dreamed-stuff. I'm not shallow, you should know that, but who doesn't like some luxury? Good design is expensive...

First one is my sweet perfection Lamborghini Murcièlago. I would be happy just to drive it once. 

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You'll be amazed by this one, but I would like to have the complete colour collection of Staedtler pencils. I always collected pencil colours.

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I also want a world like this. It could be an utopia now, but the reality later. I know someday I'll talk more deeply about this.

What's your wishlist?

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