Friday, 18 March 2011


The post of the week was written in a Monday, so I have plenty of time to do a new research and post one or two more times this week. Let's do it!

Anyone who wants to be a good designer has to have not only a good visual culture, but also the techniques to apply it and it's not always with failure that we learn. The step-by-step tutorials are an incredible tool for beginners and advanced users: in a couple of minutes you can learn what, instead, you would spent years trying to reach. It's good also to learn some tips&tricks along the way that will turn your work easier to do and with a professional look.

So, I'll share some tuts from time to time: Illustrator and Photoshop mostly, because it's the ones I use all the time. If you want for other programs as well, feel free to ask.

For today:

 How to Make a Seamless Ornamental Pattern in Photoshop, via You the Designer

Hope you've enjoyed! 

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